The AI playbook

A marketer’s guide to AI tools and features that’ll save you time

AI technology is evolving at a rapid rate and it can be tricky to navigate new tools and features that are popping up. It’s important to know how to utilize AI so that you can save time, and avoid being left behind.

AI tools free-up time, uncover opportunities you’d never spot, and speed up day-to-day processes. Ensure you understand how to get the most from the AI tools that have been created for marketers with our brand new playbook.

In this playbook, we cover:

  • Exactly what AI is and how Dotdigital uses it throughout the platform
  • Ways you can utilize generative AI for copy support, grammar check, and more
  • How AI can turn your email campaign into a cross-channel one in seconds
  • Plenty of AI tips and tricks to improve your marketing efforts

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