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The power of generative AI at your fingertips

Dotdigital’s GPT-3.5 integration powered by WinstonAI is designed to inspire and improve your email marketing. Create more engaging moments with every send.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t new to marketers. In fact, Dotdigital users already benefit from AI daily, using it to simplify their lives with smarter audience targeting, predictive analytics, and intelligent product recommendations – to name just a few.

Thanks to the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard, I think we can all agree that 2023 to date has already felt like a quantum leap when it comes to AI. We knew from talking to our customers that they loved how these new tools were saving them time and upping the quality of their work.

So, we wanted to make it even easier for our customers to access this new generation of AI in our platform at a click of a button.

Enter, generative AI for Dotdigital.

Digital marketing powered by WinstonAI

WinstonAI encompasses all sorts of known and new smart technology in the Dotdigital platform. Most recently, we added a new power to the mix: Generative AI. For this, WinstonAI draws on Microsoft Azure’s generative AI technology (GPT-3.5) to offer suggestions and inspiration on how to take your campaign content to the next level. Built directly into the Dotdigital platform, WinstonAI can now easily provide you with hints, tips, and advice on how to improve your email marketing. 

But what exactly is generative AI?

Generative AI is a form of machine learning (ML) that can produce different types of content. From text, audio, and imagery – generative AI can analyze huge amounts of data to generate highly relevant content. The leaps in technology made in recent years mean that the power of generative AI is now available to marketers in their day-to-day work – and we’ve incorporated this into the Dotdigital platform. 

Computer screen with GPT-3.5 assistant built in

Unleash your creativity with AI

With WinstonAI, you can receive campaign feedback on your email content in real-time. Use this feedback to gain inspiration and find data-driven and creative improvements to increase engagement levels.

WinstonAI shows up when you need him most: 

  • Email content: WinstonAI appears in the Dotdigital email editor and provides you with personalized recommendations on how to refine your copy. Whether that’s simplifying your language, adapting the tone to fit your message, or giving you valuable tips on how to make your content more engaging.
  • Subject line: Improve the open rates of your email campaigns with subject line recommendations. WinstonAI expertly analyzes up to 25 of your previous subject lines and provides tailored suggestions to resonate more effectively with your audience. You’ll receive 3 alternative solutions to choose from.

The benefits of WinstonAI

  • Get inspiration quickly. It’s impossible to always be on top of your game. WinstonAI is there for you when you need help getting campaign ideas off the ground.
  • Avoid writer’s block. Gone are the days of scratching your head, wondering what to write. Our AI assistant is always learning, so it will never run out of tips and suggestions.
  • Focus on what matters. Because he’s in your workspace, WinstonAI saves time, making your workday more efficient and freeing up your time to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Improve engagement and conversions. WinstonAI pulls from a vast pool of data and experience, giving you new ideas for campaigns you might not have thought of yet, ultimately leading to more engaging content that delivers conversions.
  • Simple and effective. Native in our email builder, you don’t have to worry about integrating new AI software into your existing martech stack, we’ve already done that for you.

What are WinstonAI users saying?

WinstonAI’s users across the globe praise its capacity to simplify email campaign content creation and improve employment rates. Hear firsthand from one of our many happy WinstonAI users, Alana Arthur, from Wittner Shoes in Australia:

Wittner Shoes’ Alana Arthur talks on WinstonAI.

How does WinstonAI’s generative AI capability work?

Behind the scenes, WinstonAI draws on generative AI technology from our long-time technology partner Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure was one of the early sponsors of OpenAI, one of the foremost innovators in this space, and the team behind ChatGPT.

We’re proud to work with Microsoft Azure on this because our relationship with them ensures we can deliver high-quality product features, great data governance, and security as standard, so you can be confident that all your data is protected and you’re adopting AI responsibly. 

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