Meeting 24/7 expectations from customers in a globally-connected world

That’s because Dotdigital is a global company, with offices, customers, and followers all over the world. Not only that, but the blur of business and personal life, combined with a mobile-first culture, means that we’ve moved to an ‘always-on’ mind-set: We all read and reply to emails, texts, and messages whilst making the dinner and shop for our dinner whilst at our office desks. And when we’re actually sleeping? That’s when the other side of the world is up; clicking, browsing, shopping… and expecting round-the-clock service.

In short, 24/7 is becoming an expectation because we live in a globalized world. And we find it impossible to ‘switch off’ anymore. While we transition between places, our ever-connected devices – along with our activities and to-do lists – come with us.

Similar to how we’ve grown to be a global company, so many of our customers have done so, too. And it’s been a thrill to see. Here are some of the ways we’re working to help you meet the 24/7 demands of your customers, and provide you with more roads to revenue, not to mention peace of mind.

Live chat

We could give you a host of reasons of why customers love live chat – and in fact, we did in this blog –  but when it comes to meeting 24/7 expectations in a globalized world, there are two stand-out stats that you should know.

  1. 79% of customers who prefer live chat said they did so because they get their questions answered quickly.
  2. 51% did so because they could multi-task (Econsultancy).

Live chat is a window to conversational commerce with your customers at their desks, on their sofas, on the train or in their kitchens.

But what happens when your chat agents aren’t there to answer their queries? That’s where Dotdigital’s live chat tool can help. Use multi-team support to direct customers to the right regional team who will be able to help them. Don’t have chat agents local to the conversation? Not to worry. You can use our automated messaging to establish expectations the minute customers open a chat, so they know exactly when you’ll be around. You can also send a message that directs customers to a self-help page, like FAQs. We even support bot integrations to continue to serve outside of your ‘human’ hours.


You have a global customer base. But you want to send a campaign to all. The problem is, sending at a peak time for your US customers will likely be the worst time to send for your Australian ones. Well, as our friends down under would say, ‘no worries’! Simply use our easy segmentation tool in Dotdigital to create different contact lists depending on their location. (Psst, you can even re-target based on last known geo-IP location!). Then you can send the same campaign to different regions at different peak times.

Send time optimization

Don’t rely on traditional assumptions about when the best time to send your email campaigns will be. The world is a blurry mix of business and personal these days. Plus, your audiences are every bit as unique as your competitors. Instead of guessing, let us use your contacts’ historical behavior to optimize the time of individual sends, maximizing open rates and ROI.

24/7 support

More and more customers like you are relying on Dotdigital for critical business activities. Excitingly, more and more of you are also becoming global presences or have business models that serve around the clock. Our global team of offices has given us a presence in nearly every region. But as a commitment to supporting businesses and their continued growth everywhere, it was vital we also deliver 24/7 support.

So that’s what we did.

  • About to go into a peak sale period and working around-the-clock? You can’t always afford to go it alone. 24/7 support will ensure global constant coverage for business critical issues.
  • Working from home and attending to a PR crisis in the wee hours? We can’t put the kettle on for you, but 24/7 support is here if things go from bad to worse.

24/7 support is your insurance policy when you need it most, and an optional extra with your Dotdigital account. To find out more about ultimate peace of mind when meeting the global, always-on expectations of your customers, contact your account or customer success manager today.

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