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Level up your email marketing strategy

With Dotdigital you can engage your customers, wherever they are. Elevate your marketing across key channels from inception to optimization. Turn customer data into meaningful experiences that go beyond the expected. See how Dotdigital helps you:

  • Unify and enrich your customer data
  • Surface actionable analytics and insights
  • Orchestrate cross-channel campaigns

Exceptional email marketing with Dotdigital

Email marketing designer

Drag and drop your way to stunning emails

Our intuitive email builder makes designing engaging email marketing templates easy. Turn every email into a unique customer experience using dynamic content blocks. Simply drag and drop any blocks you need, wherever you need them.

Email marketing personalization

Personalized customer communications delivered at scale

With Dotdigital, you can turn data into customer engagements. Scale your 1:1 communications with intelligent AI-powered personalization. Tap into your zero-party and first-party data to deliver personalized email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing automation

Build relationships with intelligent automation

Deliver real-time messages using behaviors, engagement levels, and other events to trigger email automation. Streamline workflows across the customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention. Choose  pre-built programs,  abandoned cart sequences, or back-in-stock notifications in a snap.

Go beyond expectations with Dotdigital

Cross-channel marketing

Deliver unparalleled marketing across all channels

  • Personalized marketing at scale

    Our easy-to-use email editor makes designing eye-catching marketing simple. Personalization tools like product recommendations and dynamic content help turn your customer data into 1:1 tailored experiences.

  • Timely messages that inspire immediate action

    Deliver SMS messages that will delight your customers. Create personalized, timely, and contextual marketing SMS that can be delivered in over 226 countries around the world.

  • Onsite experiences that can't be missed

    Design online experiences that boost conversions and drive acquisitions. Using Dotdigital's landing pages and form builder, you can create personalized experiences that will help you grow your marketing lists and collect zero-party data.

  • Connect, convert, and grow your audiences

    Boost the impact of your retargeting ads by delivering the right content at the right time. Seamlessly sync data two-ways between your social and Google ad audiences to create perfectly connected customer experiences.

  • Drive sales and create more opportunities

    Solve customer problems in real-time with live chat widgets you can add directly to your website. Reduce friction and remove barriers to purchase by equipping chat agents with complete customer profiles for a smooth CX.

  • Tailored messages in the palm of their hand

    Build stronger customer relationships by delivering personalized push notifications. Integrating push into your cross-channel strategy will drive conversions and an immediate uptake in app engagement.

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