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  • Notepad, pen, and glasses listing new year resolutions

    Five New Year’s resolutions to elevate your marketing automation strategies

    Five New Year's resolutions to elevate your marketing automation strategies Segmentation 2021 was a year of trial and error. Many merchants in Singapore were left trying to establish what works...

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  • Email marketing

    What is Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing?

    With digital transformation becoming the new normal, businesses across the globe are trying to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon. If you are looking to improve your existing email marketing strategy or kick off your digital marketing automation journey, this blog is for you.

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  • Automation

    2021 – 5 New Year’s resolutions for every digital marketer

    December is the month we all love. It's when we all take a break from work and jump on the festive bandwagon. This is also the time when customers and businesses refuel by looking back at the year that was, to identify their wins and more importantly their losses, allowing them to strategize for the coming year. This approach is similar for digital market space, too.

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