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Beatrice Ellefsen

  • Automation

    The real benefits of implementing a loyalty program

    At dotdigital, every customer is unique, and every customer success story is remarkable to us, as we become an integral part of the beautiful journey. In ecommerce, we often stress how critical it is for brands to reward customer loyalty. It's a domino effect – rewarding customer loyalty drives customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and customer retention.

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  • Sustainability

    8 tips for making sustainable travel choices

    Although much of the world remains in lockdown, in some countries business travel is picking up again. Down in Aus, I recently went on my first business trip to Brisbane, from Sydney, for a great event with Retail Global, and I want to start off this blog with a confession.

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  • Customer engagement

    How to keep the conversation going post-purchase

    Connect with your new customers into the New Year

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