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Introducing your Professional Services team

The Professional Services Team is here to take you that extra mile and make it super easy.

You may have already met some of the professional services team, but to give you a quick overview of some services you may or may not know you have access to, we interviewed Darryl Clark, Head of Professional Services here at dotdigital.

Let’s start by finding a little bit about who you are:

Darryl Clark Head of Professional Services

I’m Darryl Clark, EMEA Head of Professional Services. I’ve been with the company in various roles coming up 8 years and before that, I was a client since the very early days back in 2000. My career background is mainly software development in the agency world which lends itself well, as Professional Services is always about finding the right solution for the customer.

Why is there a Professional Services department at dotdigital?

While the platform is incredibly intuitive, we know that many clients don’t always have the time or available resources to get everything they want done so we have a raft of experts who can help. 

In fact, during the recent lockdowns and furlough period, our services teams really came into their own, helping our clients get more done with less resources.

What’s your philosophy? Approach?

I believe that as we know our platform inside out and you know your business better than anyone, when we work together the output will be the best it can be. Our Professional Service department is made up of people who are not just experts on the dotdigital platform, but also have decades of marketing and technology experience they can draw upon, across multiple verticals and areas of business.

What kind of services do you offer?

I think it is key to point out that the differentiator here is that all of our services are driven by our people. In fact, you will have probably already met a member of the Professional Service department in one form or another.

In the pre-sales phase, you may have met Antony from our Solution Consultancy team who would have worked with your technical experts to ensure we are the right fit. Then in the onboarding phase, you would have met one of our Digital Marketing Specialists, like Anna who would have project managed the start of your dotdigital journey. Then it could have been Jenna carrying out your training sessions to ensure you have the knowledge to get the best out of the platform.

Naz, a Business Analyst, with our Custom Technical Solution team may have scoped out a custom integration for you, whilst Hazel from Managed Services was putting together a comprehensive automation journey in your account.

Keira from our Creative team may have worked with you to build out a template toolkit that showcases your brand and message in all of your campaigns.

So, to summarise, here is a list of our services that are available to you whenever you need them:

  • Solution Consultancy
  • Onboarding
  • Managed Services
  • Training
  • Creative Services
  • Custom Technical Solutions

What are your superpowers?

Well we speak lots of languages. I don’t mean languages like Greek, Italian, Russian, etc… (though members of the team do) I’m talking about the fact that we are happy conversing with every kind of person involved in your business and ours too, at every level. 

We talk Marketing, Sales, C-Level, Developer, Finance, Project Manager, Product Manager, Database, CRM, SCV, CDP, API, HR and Tech Support to name a few. In fact, sometimes we have even been heard talking in the hard-to-master language of Procurement.

How can our customers continue this conversation and find out more? 

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, if you are unsure of who that is email us at 

What’s your favorite quote?

My first thought was anything from Life of Brian but actually, it is one by Voltaire: 

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” 

Mainly because I ask a lot of questions!

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