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How brands are redefining Paris 2024 Olympic marketing

The 2024 Paris Olympics is expected to be more than just a summit of athletic achievement. It's evolving into a significant event for marketing as well. Continue reading to discover how brands are engaging with audiences on a global scale.
Paris 2024 flag for Olympic marketing.

The 2024 Paris Olympics are set to be a crucial event, not only for sports but also for how brands approach marketing. The event is expected to establish a new standard for how brands engage with audiences. With the Olympic spirit flourishing online, brands can reach a global audience like never before. This is how Paris 2024 is reshaping the landscape.

AI revolutionizes Olympic viewing

The 2024 Paris Olympics is expected to be a significant event, continuing the long tradition of the Olympics being at the forefront of technological advancements. Key developments from past Olympics, such as the groundbreaking introduction of slow-motion replays and the mind-blowing achievement of live broadcasts reaching audiences worldwide, demonstrate the spirit of innovation. This spirit continues in Paris, where cutting-edge technology will share the spotlight with athletic excellence.

While you may know Alibaba as the force behind Singles’ Day, the world’s biggest shopping event, this Chinese tech giant is also a major player in artificial intelligence. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has found a strong partner in Alibaba, whose cloud-based AI is set to revolutionize the viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud’s AI-powered multi-camera replay system, tested during the Shanghai qualifiers, takes center stage. This innovative technology leverages machine learning and deep neural networks to create high-quality 3D models from strategically placed cameras. The result? Virtual frames from new angles, smoother replays, and an immersive experience for viewers worldwide.

Building on its success at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the multi-camera replay system expands to 12 venues in Paris 2024, including beach volleyball, tennis, judo, and rugby. This grants broadcasters a rich library of dynamic replays, significantly enriching the Olympic viewing experience for audiences everywhere.

5 brands excelling at Olympic marketing

Let’s delve into some five brands that we think are delivering exceptional Olympic marketing campaigns. 


When it comes to Olympic marketing, Nike is at the forefront. The brand consistently make significant investments, with reports suggesting that its spending for the 2024 Games is its largest ever. This dedication results in impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences.

This year, Nike introduced a diverse range of team uniforms, highlighting athlete comfort and individual expression. Its “spectrum of styles” approach ensures that athletes feel confident and empowered in its attire. 

Nike also took a step further, claiming that the 2024 collection is its most “data-driven and visually unified effort” ever. Each kit supposedly reflects the unique identity and cultural background of the participating countries and sports.

For track and field athletes, Nike offers a wide variety – nearly 50 apparel pieces and 12 competition styles – catering to individual preferences and specific events. This level of customization and athlete-centric design showcases Nike’s profound understanding of the Olympic spirit and its emphasis on empowering athletes to achieve their best.


P&G takes a unique approach to Olympic marketing, focusing on providing essential, behind-the-scenes support for athletes throughout the Games. Leveraging its vast brand portfolio – over 30 brands like Pampers, Venus, Gillette, and Always activated in over 40 countries – P&G ensures athletes’ needs are met before, during, and after competition.

P&G’s commitment goes far beyond traditional advertising. Imagine stepping off the plane and being greeted with a welcome kit stocked with familiar P&G products. At the Olympic Village, P&G provides practical services that make life easier for athletes, including a Pampers nursery, an Ariel laundry room, and a salon featuring various P&G brands. Athletes competing at Paris 2024 can also expect access to Oral-B products at a dental clinic and readily available feminine hygiene products.


Samsung has a strong presence in Olympic marketing as a long-time Worldwide Olympic Partner. For the Paris 2024 Games, Samsung has introduced the “Open Always Wins” campaign, which is in line with the official message of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, promoting inclusivity and openness.

In addition to traditional advertising, Samsung has strategically placed banners featuring the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in popular Parisian locations such as Haussman Street, Palais Garnier, and La Défense. These placements ensure high visibility throughout the Games, including the Paralympic Games, which conclude in September 2024.

The “Open Always Wins” campaign conveys Samsung’s brand values of embracing innovation and pushing boundaries. This reflects the spirit of the Olympics, where athletes constantly strive to achieve new feats. By highlighting its groundbreaking foldable phone lineup, Samsung reinforces this message and solidifies its position at the forefront of technological innovation.


Deloitte has partnered with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to launch “The First Effect” campaign, taking a unique approach to Olympic marketing. This campaign aims to redefine success by focusing on the lasting influence of groundbreaking achievements at the Olympics and Paralympics, rather than just the medal count.

Debuting 100 days before the Paris 2024 Games, “The First Effect” will be prominently displayed in Deloitte’s key global markets and across the IOC’s digital channels, including Meta, TikTok, and X. The campaign will continue throughout the Games.

In the lead-up to Paris 2024, “The First Effect” will showcase the stories of five inspiring athletes who defied barriers and made history. One such story is that of Nicola Adams, a British boxer who made history at the 2012 London Olympics by becoming the first female Olympic boxing champion. Her win sparked a surge in female boxing participation in Great Britain, dramatically transforming the sport’s visibility and representation for women and girls.

The campaign also spotlights other inspiring figures like Sarah Attar, the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete in track and field at the Olympics, and Natalie Du Toit, the first amputee swimmer to qualify for the Olympic Games.

“The First Effect” doesn’t stop at athlete stories. It delves into other historical firsts at the Olympics, including the introduction of female athletes at the 1900 Paris Games and the first-ever live global broadcast at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


Luxury giant LVMH is going all out for the Paris 2024 Olympics with its  “The Rooftops” campaign, directed by Louis de Caunes. This campaign captures the magic of the Games against the stunning backdrop of Paris.

The film goes beyond the athletic competition by showcasing the Parisian spirit that drives these LVMH-sponsored athletes. The campaign features swimmers, fencers, wheelchair tennis champions, rugby players, and gymnasts training on Parisian rooftops, with iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe serving as silent witnesses to its determination to achieve victory.

“The Rooftops” is a multi-faceted campaign, with 60 and 30-second films being displayed on event schedule billboards throughout the Games, as well as on social media and in print formats to ensure maximum exposure for both the athletes and the City of Lights.

LVMH’s role as “Artisan of All Victories” goes beyond this campaign. As a premium Partner, the company will utilize the craftsmanship of its artisans for key celebratory moments throughout the Games. This collaborative effort between LVMH and Paris 2024 reflects the Group’s longstanding support for sports and prestigious international competitions, promising to be a stunning showcase of French excellence on the world stage.

How you can score big with Olympic marketing

The Olympic Games ignite a global passion for sportsmanship and excellence. With a captivated global audience, the Games presents a unique opportunity to elevate your brand and connect with potential customers. Here are winning strategies to leverage the Olympic spirit:

Embrace moments-based marketing

The Olympics provide many real-time moments and stories. Take advantage of inspiring victories, upsets, and athletic achievements by creating engaging subject lines, social media posts, ads, or blog content to align with these moments.

Connect to your brand

Instead of posting generic congratulations, relate the Olympic moment to your brand values. For example, if a swimmer persevered through a tough race, highlight your company’s commitment to resilience. If a team achieved victory through collaboration, showcase your expertise in teamwork to make your message relevant and impactful.

Look beyond the winners

Look for opportunities outside the spotlight. Partner with lesser-known athletes who embody your brand spirit. Sponsor their training, create content that follows their journey, or support their local communities. These grassroots partnerships build authentic connections with potential customers who appreciate brands that champion rising stars.

Utilize user-generated content (UGC)

The Olympics ignite a global conversation. Tap into this energy by encouraging your audience to join the fun. Run contests that ask them to share photos or videos celebrating the Games with your product. This user-generated content (UGC) creates organic brand exposure, fosters a sense of community, and provides valuable insights into your customer base.

Highlight human stories

People connect with stories, not just products. Look for inspiring narratives beyond the medals. Feature stories of athletes overcoming adversity, the dedication of coaches, or the passion of volunteers. These stories will resonate with your audience and build a lasting connection with your brand, humanizing it in a way that generic marketing messages can’t.

By following these strategies, you can capitalize on the Olympic moments to create impactful marketing.

A golden opportunity for marketing innovation

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Brands are challenging traditional Olympic marketing, empowering athletes, and delivering an unforgettable experience for global audiences.

As excitement for the Games continues to build, we can anticipate further marketing innovations and impactful messaging, setting the stage for a remarkable Olympic experience. Beyond the athletic accomplishments, the narratives and connections forged will ensure that Paris 2024 makes a lasting impact on the worlds of marketing and sports alike.

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