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What can you learn by looking at benchmark statistics?

What’s the benefit of comparing how the results of your emails perform against thousands of Dotdigital users?

Email is the unprecedented champion of marketing channels. Not only is it the preferred channel for businesses across every industry and in every vertical, but it’s also the channel of choice for customers and users around the world. As a result, email performance has a significant impact on your overall marketing success.

Why are benchmark reports important?

To develop your business, your marketing channels need to be driving real results. That means, engaging customers consistently and effectively to ensure business growth. But how can you tell your marketing is delivering these vital results?

Comparing your key performance indicators against other organizations, especially those operating within your industry, will help you better understand how your results measure up.

What can you learn from email marketing benchmark reports?

Benchmark statistics can help you determine where you focus your marketing efforts and where to take your email marketing strategy into the new year.

By understanding where your business is ahead or where you’re falling behind, you’ll have clear goals to reach. A little competition is good for everyone and by setting targets that exceed industry standards, you can set yourself up for ultimate success.

To grow your business, you need to be pushing the boundaries. Ask yourself questions like: ‘how many clicks determine good customer engagement?’, ‘is our number of unsubscribes normal?’, and ‘how much are other businesses’ mailing lists growing by?’. It will give you greater context into the market you’re operating within.

It will also inspire new questions like: ‘how can I do better?’, ‘what are my competitors not doing?’, and ‘are there any tactics not being utilized by the rest of the industry that I can use to edge ahead of the competition?’.

Dotdigital Global Benchmark Report 2021

The 2021 global benchmark report looked at the millions of emails that have been sent during the past three years.

A period defined by unexpected change and rapid developments; the way people interact online has changed for good. That means we must adapt the way we market to them too.

As we prepare to enter 2022, we must take an in-depth look at the ways behaviors have changed. Only by doing this and gaining a new understanding will we be able to uncover the tactics that will drive growth and expansion in the new year.

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