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What’s new: cross-channel personalization, webhooks, and improved reporting

Get all the detail on the latest Dotdigital release. Discover advanced cross-channel personalization, new self-serve webhooks, and improved reporting.

As a marketer, you know personalization is crucial for delivering an engaging customer experience. In fact, 71% of customers expect a personalized experience every time they interact with your brand. Our latest release gives you the tools to deliver a personalized experience from the moment an anonymous visitor lands on your website through to them being a loyal customer.

We’re also releasing an improved way of working with webhooks, new integrations, and improved reporting based on your feedback. Let’s get started.

Advanced cross-channel personalization

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Our new advanced personalization pack gives you access to all of the tools you could ever need to ensure that the journey of a prospect or customer is highly personalized and engaging across web and email.

You can utilize an individual’s behavior, location, weather, and their price preferences to deliver a hyper-personalized web experience before you even know their name. The next step is to automatically capture personal data, to empower you to deliver memorable one-to-one interactions via email, at scale. You’re then able to deliver real-time dynamic content and combine it with key features such as countdown timers and individual coupons to drive urgency and conversions.

What’s new

Access to advanced website and email personalization functionality, including:

  • Countdown timers
  • Weather tools
  • Website easy-editor
  • Image personalization
  • Advanced popovers
  • Advanced product recommendations

Deliver an engaging and reliable cross-channel experience

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New self-serve webhooks

Ensure your entire customer journey is joined up with webhooks. We’ve made creating webhooks easier and faster than ever and if you are on our CXDP plan, you can now set up these webhooks yourself. Webhooks allow you to programmatically push data to other platforms to create your bespoke customer journey, whether that’s into your CRM or to fuel a direct mail campaign.

Free mobile app push

Cross-channel experiences are crucial to maintain engagement in today’s fast-paced world and mobile app push notifications are a really strong way to get your message out there. As of today, if you’re on the CXDP plan, you can send mobile app push notifications without drawing down on your messaging allowance.

Connect your complete tech stack

Dotdigital logo surrounded by logos of companies with an integration to Dotdigital.

Enable deeper personalization

With our latest integrations, you can connect more of your tech stack to feed more actionable insights into Dotdigital and enable deeper personalization. We are launching brand new integrations with Hyvä, Centra, Retail Express, Cin7, EC Force, and Microsoft Entra ID.
Plus, we have improved our existing integrations with BigCommerce (multi-store front), Zapier, Gorgias, and Trustpilot.

What’s new

New ecommerce integrations:

  • Microsoft Entra ID: Sync your employee list to send internal communications via Dotdigital.
  • Hyvä: Merchants using a Hyvä theme for their Magento store can now benefit from full Dotdigital functionality.
  • Centra: Syncs contact data, order data, and products.
  • Retail Express: A new point-of-sale (POS) platform integration available for customers in the APAC region.
  • Cin7: An ecommerce connector primarily for inventory, POS, and warehouse management available for customers in the APAC region.
  • EC Force: Syncs contact data, order data, and products for customers in Japan.

Improved existing integrations:

  • Zapier: New support for unified contacts and new actions can be created for email or SMS contacts.
  • Gorgias: It is now possible to create tickets in Gorgias based on SMS replies.
  • Trustpilot: Review invites are now able to be sent out via SMS.
  • Coming soon: BigCommerce – new multi-store front options allow BigCommerce merchants to have multiple accounts from one backend page work seamlessly with Dotdigital.

Improve your reporting

We’ve listened to your feedback and made it easier for you to show off all the great results you’ve delivered through your Dotdigital campaigns. With this release, you can understand the revenue impact of your campaigns quicker, dive into cross-account revenue analytics, export more reports, and save time with a raft of other reporting improvements.

What’s new

  • Attributed revenue will now be displayed on account analytics and the email dashboard.
  • Improvements to reporting:
    • Percentages for date ranges: We’ve added percentage metrics for date ranges as a Beta on email reports.
    • Triggered campaign reporting: You can now see the campaign type filter (triggered vs. standard campaign) as a Beta in email reports.
    • Export options: Download the top requested reports (including SMS report, link click report, and daily breakdown) on a Beta page.
    • Campaign identifying data: Send dates, subject lines, campaign tags, and campaign types have been added to the most used reports, to help you identify your campaigns.
    • Report view: Now all reports across the entire platform will remember the date range filters you’ve applied.

Fresh Relevance updates

Brunette woman in orange jumper smiling at cell phone with artist mock-up of the new Fresh Relevance support screen overlayed.

We’ve made some improvements to Fresh Relevance features based on feedback from our customers. You’ll also now see a design that matches Dotdigital’s platform and we’ve improved the usability thanks to some clever design tweaks.

We’ve also made some changes to the ways you can get support in Fresh Relevance. Users can now contact support using live chat, and the knowledge base has been updated with improved documentation to make it easier for you to get the answers you need fast.

What’s new

  • Create personalized SmartBlocks using custom data:
    • Reduces time and complexity when creating personalized SmartBlocks.
    • Allows for the easier storage of data.
    • Provides additional design flexibility.
    • Use case: For travel brands, banners can be adjusted to customers’ favorite destinations.
  • Improved coupon management:
    • Notifications for low remaining coupon codes.
    • Ability to see which codes have been uploaded in order to update and modify them.
    • Create coupons faster with five new customizable and responsive best practice templates.
    • Ability to copy and paste coupon codes from coupon images.

We hope you find the functionality in our latest release useful. You’re now all set to create end-to-end personalized experiences for your customers.

Want to learn more? Request a demo, or speak to your Dotdigital account manager.

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