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Australia’s largest sampling service, bellabox, partners with Dotdigital

  • increase in revenue from email

  • growth in contacts

  • increase in click to open rate

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bellabox members are treated to a varying offering of samples, based on personalized data, each featuring five or more beauty goods. Across its limited-edition boxes and four permanent offerings – bellabox Australia, bellabox New Zealand, bellababy, and Welcome to Wellness – the brand has seen an archive of successful partnerships including Vogue, GQ, Good Magazine, and Nourished Life.


Re-engaging subscribers through creative campaigns

As the subscriber numbers continued to grow, the biggest challenge that laid ahead of bellabox was customer retention. Therefore, the team took this opportunity to assess the existing marketing campaign and identify the key caveats. Additionally, the brand wanted to re-engage with customers past and present through creative and personalized campaigns. With this in mind, bellabox teamed up with Dotdigital to focus on customer retention and a bit of acquisition too.


Utilizing Dotdigital's automation and segmentation for personalized engagement

Since January 2020, bellabox has partnered with Dotdigital to explore its automation functionalities. The segmentation process has helped the brand to collect, analyze, and funnel the data by means of different automated programs. This has further allowed the brand to develop a better understanding of customer preferences, enabling the company to engage with customers through highly relevant content and personalized products. According to Alana Arthur, Customer Marketing Manager at bellabox ANZ, “Our search for a sophisticated, trustworthy, user-friendly, and streamlined marketing platform ended when we partnered with Dotdigital. Moreover, Dotdigital’s amazing support system and flawless onboarding process are definitely added benefits.”

Currently, bellabox is using Dotdigital’s automation capabilities to run triggered email re-engagement campaigns. These campaigns include expired credit-card reminders, failed payments, win back (for customers that have left bellabox) and review and win (a solus email to increase feedback on the products).

About Bellabox

Melbourne-based subscription service bellabox is Australia’s largest sampling service that delivers a monthly selection of beauty essentials to its 20,000 subscribers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our search for a sophisticated, trustworthy, user-friendly, and streamlined marketing platform ended when we partnered with Dotdigital...”

Alana Arthur, Customer Marketing Manager at bellabox
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Impressive email engagement, growth, and revenue with Dotdigital's support

“Our partnership with Dotdigital has been highly rewarding and has enabled us to overcome challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dotdigital has not only allowed us to update our email marketing creatives and create strong retention strategies, but also capitalize on lapsed customers and win them back. Recently, we hit a milestone by selling three million boxes! I can’t wait to see where we go from here,” added Alana.

The financial re-engagement emails have witnessed a 22.5% return rate. The recently tweaked creative includes a stronger CTA with a 52% average open rate (previously 40%) and click-through open rate of 51% (previously just 14%). Furthermore, paired with the lead generation campaigns, the company also saw nearly a 70% growth in its database, greatly assisting the brands team with its partnerships. All of this has led to an increase in email marketing revenue of 156% in the past 12 months to August 2020.

With the holiday season just around the corner, bellabox aims at providing an exceptional holiday experience this year. bellabox is looking to drive more relevant and personalized recommendations via Dotdigital to further improve its engagement and revenue. In the midst of the current doom and gloom, the brand intends to bring in festive cheer to its “bellas” by adding a little something extra special with its coveted personalized holiday boxes.