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ergoPouch doubled its customer database with just two automated campaigns

  • open rate for lapsed customer program

  • ($K) revenue from lapsed campaign in the last 6 months

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Since launching in 2009, ergoPouch products are now stocked in retailers in 45 countries worldwide, with online stores in AU, US, and UK. ergoPouch partnered with Dotdigital in 2020 to align the brand’s rapid rate of customer growth with elevated marketing offerings involving personalization and automation. With a focus on customer experience, the brand has achieved incredible growth through marketing automation programs.


ergoPouch grew its customer base significantly during a period of immense growth. The brand had a remarkable increase in the data of purchases and customers, and wanted to maximize the experience of these customers through more personalized and engaging content. ergoPouch’s previous platform was holding the brand back from creating meaningful and intelligent campaigns. When partnering with Dotdigital, ergoPouch had the goal of uplifting its overall marketing programs to match the rapid growth of customer expectations and provide a more relevant customer and brand experience to busy and sleep-deprived parents.

Scalability, automation, and flexibility were an important part of ergoPouch’s business growth plan. A core part of the brand’s marketing challenge was to segment its growing customer database and produce personalized communications. The brand wanted to encourage loyalty in its highly engaged shoppers and encourage one-time shoppers to return in order to build a community of retained customers.


Lapsed customer program

When a business grows in size, naturally, it also sees an increase in lapsed customers. These are the customers who once made a purchase but do not return to make another purchase after a certain time period. This segment can be of high-value for an ecommerce business if targeted correctly with personalized communications. ergoPouch created a program specifically designed to re-engage with past customers. Across a two-part campaign, the brand encouraged shoppers to return by offering a $10 coupon for their next order.

New subscriber welcome campaign

Capitalizing on key moments in the shopping experience was critical to the new subscriber welcome campaign. ergoPouch designed the campaign to immediately deliver a unique $15 discount code in real-time following a subscription signup. This was a triggered automation campaign using personalization and the power of immediacy to create a seamless first impression of the business.


Results for the lapsed customer campaign were exponentially boosted when ergoPouch reduced the time period for lapsed customers from 180 days to 90 days. This allowed the brand to focus on customers who were more likely to make a purchase and led to significant ROI growth. By implementing multiple touchpoints in marketing campaigns, ergoPouch was able to achieve extraordinary results, achieving $1.44K in revenue from campaigns in the last 6 months. The campaigns exceeded industry standards by 10% with an outstanding open and click-to-open rate. This particular campaign achieved a stellar 44% open rate.

Looking ahead

With shopping habits changing and cross-channel experiences a natural part of the customer journey, Jurlique is planning to focus on determining how online campaign engagement translates into offline purchases made in physical stores. Additionally, Jurlique aims to analyse the revenue generated by individual contributors within the marketing channel.

What ergoPouch learned

Immediacy is key to the likelihood a customer will make a purchase.

With the welcome campaign, ergoPouch leverages the immediacy of the customer’s intention and interest in the brand by offering a personalized voucher for a shopper’s next purchase. Sending email communications helped increase revenue by highlighting the value of the brand for shoppers, in addition to the experience on the website.

Assess the threshold of recency of which lapsed time intersects with maximum revenue generated.

It’s no secret that warmer customers are more likely to repurchase from a brand. This was no different for ergoPouch, the brand saw an immediate uplift in revenue after reducing the lapsed time threshold from 180 days to 90 days. For brands to succeed, it’s important to test the threshold of recency before reaching the point of diminishing returns to ensure maximum success from lapsed customer campaigns.

About ergoPouch

ergoPouch is an Australian company focused on premium, natural fiber, ergonomically designed sleepwear for babies and kids. With a strong focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes, ergoPouch creates sleepwear that takes the guesswork out of dressing a child safely for sleep.