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Feel Good Contacts boosts app downloads and sales through personalized SMS campaigns

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  • Additional sales in 24 hours

  • Increase in app installs

Feel Good Contacts is an online retailer based in the United Kingdom that provides affordable contact lenses and eye care products. They serve customers not only in the United Kingdom but also in the Republic of Ireland and France. In addition to contact lenses, they collaborate with leading sunglasses brands to offer designer shades at discounted prices.


Utilizing personalization to drive customer engagement

Feel Good Contacts faced the challenge of improving the engagement rates of its customers. They required a platform that could help send personalized messages to encourage customers to download its mobile app. With the app, users could browse and order products such as contact lenses, solutions, and prescription sunglasses, thereby increasing the return on investment (ROI).


Using tailored SMS campaigns to encourage app downloads

Feel Good Contacts wanted to increase app downloads and drive customer engagement. To achieve this goal, they decided to utilize SMS as the primary channel to promote its app and drive downloads.

Feel Good Contacts leveraged Dotdigital’s communication API to ensure it was communicating with its customers in real-time. This allowed the brand to have a unified view of its contacts’ communication preferences, making it easier to send targeted and personalized messages to each customer.

For customers who had opted-in to receive SMS messages, Feel Good Contacts sent tailored messages that were based on their purchase history, preferences, and behavior. This made the communication more relevant and useful, which in turn, increased the likelihood of customer engagement.

To make the messages even more effective, Feel Good Contacts added links to products recommended in its text messages. By shortening these links, the company made it easier for recipients to click through and view the products on their mobile devices. Also, the brand offered a 5% discount when purchases were made through the app, which further encouraged engagement.


A successful personalized SMS campaign with Dotdigital

The results of the Feel Good Contacts SMS campaign were quite impressive. The company sent promotional messages to over 45,000 customers. Within a day of sending the messages, the company saw an extra 120 app downloads via iTunes compared to a normal day, which translates to a 20% increase.

Additionally, there were an additional 100 sales over the following three days. Over the next month, Feel Good contacts continued to see an uptake of app downloads, increasing by 15% in total. These impressive results demonstrate the effectiveness of the SMS campaign in driving engagement and increasing ROI.

Looking ahead

Feel Good Contacts has had a successful run with its SMS marketing campaign, and it’s now considering expanding it further. The company believes that SMS is a highly effective marketing channel that allows them to communicate with their audience directly and drive more app downloads.

Additionally, Feel Good Contacts is planning to continue to use Dotdigital’s personalization features to deliver targeted messages to its customers. By doing so, the company hopes to improve customer engagement and drive more sales. Using personalization features will also allow the company to better understand its customers’ preferences and provide them with a more tailored experience.