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Goggles4U uses powerful automation tools to acquire, convert, and retain customers

  • increase in email revenue

  • revenue attributed to email

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Increasing email engagement and open rates

The main challenge that Goggles4u faced was that customers weren’t engaging over email; open rates were typically low. The brand also had challenges around list attrition and what actions to take to reduce the number of unsubscribes.

Goggles4u was also in the process of expanding its channel mix, which came with another set of uncertainties. What’s more, the team lacked the creative resource needed to drive more compelling and captivating campaigns.


Leveraging Dotdigital's expertise for email strategy overhaul and seamless automation of campaigns

Goggles4u had around 300,000 contacts when coming on board with Dotdigital. Today, the brand’s main account has over 700,000 contacts – all thanks to this handy popover.

Damien Finecott, Manager – Brand & Project Development at Goggles4u, says the advice that account manager Sophie has provided the team was priceless:

“Our account manager Sophie has been an absolute champion. It would be an understatement to say that she has just helped us build our programs, because she’s not only done that, but made us rethink and rebuild our email strategy as a whole.”

With her help, the brand is now automating welcome, abandoned browse, and win-back campaigns, as well as working on a post-purchase program too. The team has also ventured into broadcast and triggered SMS on special occasions and sales days, with successful programs running in the background.

The team has appreciated the steadfast support from Dotdigital from day one. From the easy-to-use builder to campaign reporting and more, Goggles4u’s experience has been nothing but seamless, without a single road bump.

About Goggles4U

Goggles4u Eyeglasses has been revolutionizing eyewear since its beginnings in California, back in 2003. The optical team has garnered years of invaluable experience, and in 2010 the brand was acknowledged as American Eye Vision. This reflected the spirit of its commitment to catering the eye needs of the market and bringing eyewear to customers globally.

Our account manager Sophie has been an absolute champion. It would be an understatement to say that she has just helped us build our programs...”

Damien Finecott, Manager – Brand & Project Development at Goggles4u
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Email campaigns drive 40% of total revenue

Email is an important channel for Goggles4u’s overall marketing strategy, with almost 40% of total revenue being attributed to email marketing campaigns (that’s up from 33%).

With the help of Dotdigital, the brand has been able to:

  • significantly increase contacts (with the welcome series)
  • convert more users into customers (with the abandoned browse program)
  • bring back old customers who haven’t placed an order in a long time (using win-back/lapsed campaigns)
  • add a multi-channel approach to the strategy with SMS

“Our experience wouldn’t have been the same without Sophie Sherley-Dale’s efforts and over-the-top support. She has been an absolute gem and has made the experience with Dotdigital an easy one for us.”

Damien Finecott, Manager – Brand and Project Development, Goggles4u