Using omnichannel marketing to convert every contact

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Mamas & Papas has 40 years of experience in helping proud parents grow their family, their way. With everything from award-winning pushchairs and furniture to baby clothing and interiors, their products and services are designed to support all kinds of families on their parenting journeys.


For the first time in five years, Mamas & Papas was adding a new member to its award-winning pushchair family. The massive product launch needed to be communicated across all channels in a consistent omnichannel campaign. It needed to convey the quality and expertise parents expect from the brand, while demonstrating its stylish yet practical design.


Mamas & Papas built a product launch email that was rich in content, portraying the quality of its new pushchair. It wanted its copy to be insightful and educational to strengthen its tagline: “no one gets parenting better”.

To ensure it didn’t miss any potential customers Mamas & Papas utilized dotdigital’s social connector. This empowered the brand to build audiences based on contacts who had engaged with its launch email or had viewed the product online without converting. Those audiences were then targeted with personalized marketing on social media channels.

It used a similar technique to target unconverted contacts via paid search and retargeting ads using videos to engage customer during this omnichannel experience.


Mamas & Papas successfully managed to connect with potential customers across multiple touchpoints. By adopting this omnichannel approach, the brand was able to remind engaged customers about key product features and benefits, effectively nudging them closer towards conversion.

In the first four week following the product launch, email, social, and paid search accounted for 66% of views of the Strada product page. Over 170,000 visits could be directly attributed to its powerful and effective omnichannel campaign.

The promotion of Mamas and Papas successfully communicated the unique selling points of the Strada pushchair, which meant that it did not affect the sales of its other pushchairs. Overall, its first omnichannel product launch was a massive success.

About Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas have been helping parents grow their families for over 40 years. From award-winning baby products to expert help and advice, everything they do is designed to make life a little easier for real parents, living real lives.