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DCX and Dotdigital help deliver impactful SMS messaging for The Co-operative Bank

  • SMS delivery rate

  • increase in send volume

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With a laser focus on driving better customer engagement, capturing insights for better decisions, streamlining business operations, and driving commercial growth, DCX helps organizations around the world drive more memorable customer experiences and deliver even greater business impact. One organization that benefited significantly from the expertise and dynamic skill set at DCX was The Co-operative Bank.


A need for a powerful and reliable SMS platform

The Co-operative Bank needed to make a quick change to its automation tool provider that powered its communications to customers due to an issue with the incumbent provider delivering its service. The Co-operative Bank needed to secure a new service while ensuring no loss of service or reduction in deliverability rates from its mandatory and regulatory communications.

With SMS being the channel of choice to deliver mass, time-sensitive, critical, service-based messages to their customers, DCX was engaged to bring a new system on board quickly. It needed one that would allow the Bank to continue to send SMS message communications to its large customer base, with no interruption to service. The solution required:

– An SMS platform with real-time alerts and critical messaging capability.
– Both self-service and managed bureau services, so the Co-operative Bank team could access and use the platform themselves to deliver their own SMS communications when needed.


DCX partners with Dotdigital for swift SMS onboarding

As DCX was an existing agency partner, Dotdigital’s SMS API was the solution that immediately came to mind.

The Dotdigital communications API has enabled the Bank’s team to work efficiently when developing and deploying campaigns. And, thanks to the platform’s ability to self-serve and create campaigns quickly, the Bank can communicate with its customers at speed, ensuring no critical communications are missed.

The Co-operative Bank sends a range of SMS communications to its customers, including onboarding for account applications, alerts to mortgage products expiring, and notifications of rates changing. These proactive communications provide customers with timely and relevant messages, personalized to them, providing a positive customer experience.

The need to communicate with customers in a timely manner became even more apparent following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Co-operative Bank has had a long-standing commitment to supporting human rights and equality across the world. This is what sets The Co-operative Bank apart from its competitors.

SMS self-service guarantees impactful messaging

In response to these events, it was important for the Co-operative Bank team to be able to act quickly. It used the Dotdigital SMS platform to turn around a quick reaction campaign to drive awareness and encourage people to donate to help the people of Ukraine.

Thanks to the flexibility of Dotdigital’s platform and the self-service training provided by the DCX team, the Bank’s team was able to log in, quickly produce a campaign within the user-friendly interface, and push communications out at a time when it mattered.

On top of the every day, informative updates that the Co-operative Bank communicates to its customers, the Dotdigital SMS solution enabled it to use its communications for a cause that had a wider impact – something it strives for when maintaining an ethical relationship with its customers.

About Paragon DCX

As a full-service digital transformation and marketing agency, DCX combines the power of data with compelling creative and digital technology to help brands connect better with customers.

The SMS solution provided by Paragon DCX has enabled continuity of our customer communications, ensuring timely, reliable, and efficiently delivered messaging.”

Jane Ball – Senior Marketing Manager, The Co-operative Bank
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Thanks to Dotdigital’s powerful API and a well-managed cut-over plan, DCX was able to ensure a successful launch with no break in service or impact to The Co-operative Bank’s customers.

Through nine automated data uploads and four SMS campaigns with 21 messages, DCX was able to ensure the successful delivery of critical messages and updates, providing the Bank’s customers with a consistent, personalized, and informative customer experience.

Since partnering with Dotdigital, DCX has enjoyed excellent delivery rates of 91.69% which can be actively monitored through automated reporting on SMS events, SMS responses, and email events. This has provided The Co-operative Bank’s team with increased visibility into success and confidence in the SMS solution.

On top of this, The Co-operative Bank has been able to:

– Increase overall SMS volumes by 151%.
– Reduce costs by internally conducting key activities performed by the previous automation partner.
– Enjoy greater control and flexibility in its marketing activities.