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ScentAir sees an impressive 18% recovery rate for abandoned carts, in just six months

  • in repeat purchase customers

  • increase in sales


Enhancing US ecommerce customer experience

ScentAir came to the Dotdigital Americas team looking to provide a better ecommerce customer experience for its existing US consumer audience, and support in its ecommerce expansion into other regions. Finding a customer experience platform that offers support in various international regions was crucial to the company’s growth. Dotdigital has a strong market presence in the US, across EMEA, and in APAC. This global positioning naturally comes with in-region support and expertise, so it was a perfect fit.

ScentAir needed support in managing the various customer data privacy laws around the globe. It was important to the brand that data privacy laws and best-practice was followed in each region, to ensure deliverability and that the overall brand reputation remained positive.

In addition to supporting its ecommerce needs, ScentAir also uses Salesforce to manage their B2B automation needs. Dotdigital is one of the few marketing providers that has great integrations to both industries.


Dotdigital's Adobe Commerce and Salesforce integration streamlines operations and analytics

The Dotdigital regional teams were able to work with ScentAir to understand and meet the various regulations and data privacy laws in place across the globe. The Dotdigital Customer Success team suggested a multi-store set up using the Adobe Commerce integration, which allows ScentAir to separately manage the customer lists for each region.

Our premier partnership with Adobe Commerce meant our connector is able to sync customer account information to the correct database sets. Our Salesforce integration was also incredibly valuable, simplifying data management and syncing leads to and from Salesforce for ultimate cross-platform collaboration.

When it comes to seeing results, Dotdigital offers reporting at account-level, per region, and per regional storefront. Cross-account analytics also mean that the global management team can see marketing performance across the entire business. This flexibility allows brands to create whatever setup makes sense for them. It’s the best of both worlds; separation when you need it, with no compromise when it comes to the bigger picture.


ScentAir provides best-in-class ambient scent marketing solutions to many of the world’s most recognized brands. ScentAir is based in Charlotte, NC, USA, with corporate offices in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, and Australia. The Company’s 425+ global team members service customers in 119 countries through its dedicated global supply chain and manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our partnership with Dotdigital has helped enhance our cross-channel platform capabilities and improve our end-to-end integrations. The collaboration with our customer success manager and Dotdigital support team has helped us maximize performance and discover new functionalities.”

Megan Fallaw, CRM Lead - ScentAir

Boosting repeat purchases, recovery rates and sales through enhanced customer experience

ScentAir has seen some incredibly encouraging results since joining Dotdigital. After just six months its US store saw an increase of over 300% in repeat purchasers. This clearly demonstrates the impact a positive customer experience will have on shoppers when it comes to choosing your brand over competitors and in a climate of high acquisition costs, these are especially significant results.

Marketing automation also proved very successful for the brand. ScentAir saw an impressive 18% recovery rate for abandoned carts in just six months. The brand also saw a huge 200% increase in sales overall, a fantastic achievement in times of economic struggle around the globe.

Looking ahead

Embracing Dotdigital's personalization, SMS, and loyalty program to amplify success

ScentAir is now expanding and applying their learnings to all other regions following on from their success in the US. Using Dotdigital’s advanced personalization tools, ScentAir is able to create tailored campaigns with dynamic content to ensure accurate messaging is served to customers in each region – all whilst recognizing and adapting to varying time zones.

Having seen such encouraging results from email marketing automations, ScentAir is now expanding into other channels. The brand is currently trialing SMS for promotional messages and will soon add transactional SMS, available through the Adobe Commerce integration, to their capabilities to further the brand’s cross-channel strategy.

To capitalize on the increasing loyalty the brand has already seen, ScentAir is also working with Dotdigital integration partner Yotpo to build out a personalized loyalty program for its clients.

ScentAir won the Best Newcomer award at the US Dotties 2022, an accolade to the team’s fantastic achievements in such a short space of time. With such strong results early on, and plans to utilize the Dotdigital platform even more, we’re excited to see what comes next.

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