Tile Giant’s Magento integration powers revenue-generating automation

With over 80 stores nationwide, Tile Giant is a leading provider of tiles to both the trade and consumer markets. As part of the Coverings Ltd Group, Tile Giant provides thousands of lines to suit all styles of homes and budgets.


After a few years of upheaval, including a relocation to new premises and migration to a new Magento 2 website, agency Kanuka Digital helped to overhaul the brand’s digital presence through on-site content and SEO, while building its email marketing strategy from the ground up.

Dotdigital, which integrates seamlessly with Magento 2, was the perfect fit to complement the brand’s strong omnichannel presence.


Using Dotdigital the team at Kanuka Digital worked with Tile Giant to create three workflows to engage customers, drive website traffic, and generate conversions using custom designs based on the website. The integration with Magento unlocked data across the entire customer lifecycle, paving the way for smarter and more relevant marketing automation campaigns.

  • Workflow 1 was a three-step abandoned cart program. The team experimented with discount codes and incentives, finding that providing a discount code and reminder in emails two and three provided better revenue overall than including it in email one. What’s more, setting an expiry date expedited positive responses. –
  • Workflow 2 was created to follow up with customers who had purchased a free sample tile – something the brand historically had never followed up on, relying wholly on the customer to return and purchase. Using the Magento integration, the team segmented customers in dotdigital by SKU codes and followed up with three separate emails. If a customer had placed a new order while being active in the workflow, they were automatically removed from the next send.
  • Workflow 3 included a simple welcome and double opt-in campaign, introducing the brand and its USPs, followed by the latest trends, offers, and store news.


In the first six months of implementing the automaton programs around £74,000 in revenue was tracked. After 12 months a total of £240,000 in revenue was tracked and attributed to these data-driven campaigns.

Moreover, during the four-month peak of COVID-19, tracked revenue reached £126,000 as demand for tile samples soared.

The new automations enjoy consistent open rates of between 40-50%, higher than standard BAU sends, and click rates of between 15-25%. A once under-utilized acquisition channel is now accountable for over 5% of monthly revenue, with an 8% increase in conversion rate.