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TRACT Optics deliver 17x ROI using MMS messaging

  • ROI from MMS

  • Revenue ($) from marketing in one day

  • Spike in same-day email conversion

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Standing out as innovative in an established market

TRACT Optics have been established for eight years, but operate in an industry where most of its competitors are over 100 years old. Therefore, brand awareness and differentiation are key.

The marketing team at TRACT Optics are strong advocates of cross-channel marketing, but as their product is related to firearms, their options for advertising on social media are restricted.


Using MMS to re-engage potential customers

Co-founder Jon Allen was keen to explore how the brand could use MMS as part of its marketing strategy. Using MMS to send a picture of a previously viewed product to a prospect felt like a compelling place to start.

“We liked the idea of having an additional picture as part of the messaging. For a high-end brand like ours, having visual branding with the picture attached adds a different level to the basic text message. When someone sees a relevant image of something they’ve been looking at recently, it feels really credible and looks professional. That’s really appealing.”

TRACT Optics were amongst the first to use Dotdigital’s MMS capabilities. It used the platform to send targeted campaigns across Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas 2023.

The sending process was straightforward: “It was really simple to set up. No problems at all.”

About TRACT Optics

TRACT Optics is the leading direct to consumer manufacturer of rifle scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes for hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts.

For a high-end brand like ours, having visual branding with the picture attached adds a different level to the basic text message.”

Jon Allen - Co-founder, TRACT Optics
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A $17 return for every $1 spent

Across five campaigns, TRACT Optics generated measurable sales worth over $15,000, from a spend of just below $1,000. A return on investment of $17 for every $1 spent.

The impact wasn’t only felt on the standalone campaign. TRACT Optics also noticed a powerful halo effect on the performance of its email campaigns sent on the same day as the MMS, which generated three times more sales than usual. In total, the brand generated over $40,000 worth of sales in a single day attributed to marketing activity.. This goes to highlight the role MMS can play in a targeted cross-channel strategy.

Looking ahead

Expanding MMS campaigns and strategic collaboration

After such positive initial results, TRACT Optics plan to roll out MMS campaigns across more scenarios, including abandoned carts and welcome journeys for new subscribers. The Dotdigital team will work closely with TRACT Optics to provide strategic marketing advice on how to segment its audience for the best results and most effective use of its budget.