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Automotive accessories brand, TRAPO, witnesses exceptional growth in sales

  • increase in revenue

  • average order value yoy

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Listed as the number one online bestselling car mat in Malaysia since 2016, TRAPO’s mission is to encourage a safe, hygienic, and comfortable driving experience for drivers through its innovative and reasonably priced car accessories. The brand provides a full tailor fit car mat solution for each car model, integrated with their 4.0 manufacturing model to provide a seamless online to offline experience.


Looking for a centralized marketing automation program to integrate into existing tech stack

In response to the growing customer base and shifting marketplace, TRAPO needed to move from the existing complex ecommerce website to a much simpler, centralized and personalized system. Additionally, the company was also on the lookout for a platform that would easily sync with all the other marketing tools they had in place to better streamline the process.

As a result, TRAPO decided to implement a marketing automation platform to help them deliver an enhanced personalized customer experience and increase profits.


Ultizing Dotdigital tools for personalized campaigns

Over the last 12 months, TRAPO has been utilizing the Dotdigital platform to run personalization, automation, and retargeting marketing campaigns. With the help of Dotdigital, the brand was able to study and map their customers’ journey by implementing different automation programs such as welcome, thank you, and abandoned cart series.

“The challenge for us as a business was the delivery of consistent and constant customer engagement. And with the industry becoming increasingly competitive, the key is to remain relevant and keep the audience engaged. However, with Dotdigital on board, we were able to achieve that competitive edge with our creative and tailormade campaigns,” said Ionut Danifeld, Chief Marketing Officer at TRAPO Asia.


TRAPO, a leading Malaysian automotive accessories brand, with a presence in both Indonesia and Singapore, offers car mats for more than 800 car models in ASEAN countries.

Since coming on board with Dotdigital, TRAPO witnessed its revenue triple and saw an increase in the average order value by 6.5 percent year on year.

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Impressive growth with Dotdigital tripling revenue and boosting order value through automated retargeting

Since coming on board with Dotdigital, TRAPO witnessed its revenue triple and saw an increase in the average order value by 6.5 percent year on year. Furthermore, the company is using Dotdigital’s automation solutions to run triggered re-engagement campaigns. This has allowed the brand to retarget and capitalize on lapsed customers through abandoned cart programs, yielding higher engagement rates. Recently, the campaign has expanded from email retargeting to other channels such as social and Google retargeting.