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Established in 2004 the Atomic Group is an integrated retail and footwear business, which is home to two prominent footwear brands – Homyped and Sportsco. With over 200 stockists, Homyped has been thoughtfully designing shoes to provide customers with happier and healthier feet all year round through their orthopedic footwear range since 1969. Sporting goods brand, Sportsco, was founded in 1983 and is a multi-branded retail business with 26 franchised stores across Victoria, NSW, and Queensland.

Atomic Challenge


Both Homyped and Sportsco have continued to raise the bar with their ever-growing customer base and it was time for the brands to evaluate the current dynamics and tune their business strategy. Sportsco had the goal to increase online sales without attacking margin. The franchise stores didn’t want to lose margin through aggressive promotional activities and offers. Whereas Homyped wanted to forge ahead by expanding its reach to a broader demographic, drive customer loyalty, and encourage repeat online purchases.

Atomic Solution


The company partnered with dotdigital in July 2018 as its marketing automation provider and has been redefining its marketing strategy since.

“At Atomic Group, we thrive on the idea of going far and beyond to understand our customers’ needs. We continue to work towards putting together innovation, industry knowledge, customer health, and expectations into our products that have made us the specialists in what we do,” said Cory-Dean West, Ecommerce Manager at Atomic Group Australia. “Personalization and effective communication is key. With dotdigital on board, we continue to push boundaries and meet consumer desirability at every touchpoint by aligning our communication with their sentiments.”

The dotdigital platform has enabled the team to study the customer lifecycle and analyze the purchase pathway closely to help create tailor-made triggered email campaigns. The data collected through surveys, feedback and attribution tracking has further helped improve product offerings, provide consistent support, and a seamless purchase experience. The company has also been using dotdigital’s product recommendations feature within emails, to drive additional revenue.

Atomic Results


The data-driven automated campaigns have been key to increased customer engagement and satisfaction, along with encouraging repeat purchases. Thanks to dotdigital, we can now easily track revenue attribution for each source. The personalization elements have resulted in a marked revenue uplift. SEO and segmentation have also made it possible to stay relevant through effective content and communication, thereby increasing visibility across channels such as email, Facebook, and Instagram, yielding higher engagement rates,” added Cory.

The welcome series has emerged as the best campaign, contributing a 326% increase in revenue in the first quarter of 2021(compared to last year) for Homyped and 35% of the total revenue growth at Sportsco. The newly introduced survey submission campaign for Homyped offering a $20 reward to the participants factored into a 50% purchase rate. Additionally, the automated programs have been vital in growth marketing, with Sportsco witnessing a 30% YOY database growth. Homyped has also seen a 39% database growth, of which 12% is attributed particularly to the email campaigns.

The company is looking to deploy additional social re-targeting campaigns and SMS channel marketing to target high-value customers. It is also working on a browser abandon customer journey, loyalty program, and onsite product recommendations to drive relevant and personalized programs via dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud.

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