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Lawrence & Hanson is Australia’s most recognized electrical wholesaler with a strong heritage. With over 150 branches, the brand supplies quality products to customers across multiple market sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

The Lawrence & Hanson team comprised two members for this project in 2019: an ecommerce manager, Patricia Mota Almeida Goncalves, and a senior marketing manager, Rachel Raschilla. Both are dotties winners for marketing team of the year (2020).

Lawrence & Hanson Challenge


Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the team has focused on loyalty programs as a way to continue to grow its membership base and increase sales at the same time – exceptional considering the forced closures of some physical branches, not to mention the severe lockdown imposed on the state of Victoria. The team created a new program every month, making sure to review monthly and make ongoing improvements to increase sales. This includes building new and complex programs, using multiple personalized emails, and loading all data – which for a small team is a big achievement.

During the pandemic, it was more important than ever for the team to use dotdigital Engagement Cloud to build effective trigger campaigns that drive its eCommerce platform. This increased the brand’s online sales and drove customers to purchase more online, while rewarding their loyalty with benefits – just for spending with the business.

Lawrence & Hanson Solution


The team implemented many new processes while working with dotdigital, including a more strategic focus on the use of customer contact data fields, as well as trigger and EDM campaigns. Using clean and enriching customer data fields within the trigger campaigns has driven program sales and increased overall performance. As a result, Lawrence & Hanson no longer batches and blasts cold EDMs. What’s more, the team uses all the different channel elements of the platform for its national programs, such as SMS, surveys, and trigger campaigns – all with personalization.

Most importantly, however, the brand developed a loyalty program in the dotdigital platform that has been optimized year on year. In 2018, the team developed the ‘Bucket List program’ which incentivized customers to spend certain limits with specific suppliers. This year the team went on to develop the ‘Sparky Plus program’ as an extension of the ‘Bucket List program’. The program is continuing to be successful month on month.

Lawrence & Hanson Results


The ‘Bucket List’ loyalty program has generated additional sales from new business customers, spurring the development of the second loyalty program, ‘Sparky Plus’. The additional sales generated purely from new sales from a zero base, attributed to new customers who have joined the program and spent money with the business for the first time.

This sales boost ultimately allowed the team to create a new loyalty program called Sparky Plus – a worthy investment. The Sparky Plus program has generated a sales increase to date and is extremely successful to date.

The marketing team members are the key drivers of these promotions using dotdigital, having made significant head waves within their organization using the platform to generate sales. The significant sales performance highlights the long-term growth benefits of marketing automation – and just how much ROI it can bring.

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