Live chat

Live chat

Make it easy for customers to buy products and get answers to their questions in an instant, on any channel.

Expand market reach

Live chat benefits
  • Conversions. Increase conversions by up to 40%.
  • Customer service. Be exactly where your customers need you.
  • ROI. Boost sales with more opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Proactive. Catch problems before they hurt your bottom line.

Converse and convert

Allow your customers to chat with you, and see results

Reach customers

With more and more customers choosing to shop online over visiting bricks and mortar stores, live chat enables you to connect one-on-one with customers. Respond to their questions and drive them closer to the end of their purchase journey.

Exceptional experiences

Make your customer service a reason customers keep coming back. With real-time conversations and centralized data, your teams have the knowledge and power to deliver amazing experiences.

Next evolution of funnel

Modern technology lets consumers engage with brands, whenever and wherever they choose. Live chat helps you to connect with customers, anywhere along the buying journey.

Using live chat to reach customersGive customers exceptional experiences using live chatUsing live chat across multiple channels

Eliminate roadblocks

Information is power, and customers are the key

Be proactive

Get instant feedback about your product, service, app or site from active users, so you can constantly improve.

Handle blockages

Remove all low barriers to sales by answering any question customers might have about settings, size or service in an instant.

Fix glitches

Technical errors can occur at any time. Live chat can help you identify and fix them before you lose out on revenue - all thanks to your eagle-eyed customers.

Drive revenue

Live chat connects you with your customers, enabling you to consistently deliver an exceptional experience. Memorable experiences drive repeat purchases, recommendations, and new revenue.

Using live chat to handle blocks and barriers in the sales processUsing live chat to increase conversionsFix glitchesUsing live chat to increase conversions

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Guaranteed rewards

Live chat pays for itself and keeps on delivering

Increase conversions

With 77% of customers not making a purchase without the inclusion of live chat on a site, this tool isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential.

Increase orders

With your team on hand to answer questions and guide users towards your goals, there's even more opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell and increase your average order value.

Improve efficiency

With live chat, your team can handle six times the number of queries versus customer phone calls. With real-time communications taking place on your live chat channel, you’ll see significant cost savings.

Using live chat to increase conversionsUsing live chat to increase conversionsGive customers exceptional experiences using live chat

Engagement Cloud benefits at a glance

  • Design stylish emails effortlessly with our drag-and-drop tool
  • Leverage our automation tool to create multichannel lifecycle programs
  • Unlock customer engagement with SMS messaging
  • Synchronize data seamlessly from your CRM or ecommerce store
  • Use insight to craft relevant content and create powerful segments
  • Maximize sales and ROI with data-driven messages
  • Trigger push messages and re-targeting ads for extended brand reach
  • Harness AI to send personalized product recommendations

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