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Win back website visitors with Google Ads, Facebook Audiences and more.

Start one-to-one conversations using display ads

Convert window-shoppers into buyers by targeting the right customer on the right channel

  • Time-saving automation

    Grow faster and make more sales by adding intelligent retargeting into your re-engagement programs.

  • Google Ads

    Reach customers on their favorite sites and apps using powerful Google display ads to capture attention.

  • Social retargeting

    Create memorable messages to connect with customers on Facebook and Instagram after they leave you.

  • Dynamic data sharing

    Use dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s data to build the perfect retargeting campaigns on every channel including SMS.

  • Audience segmentation

    Reach the right customer at the right time by targeting specific audiences using segmentation tools.

  • Mobile re-engagement

    Maximize every opportunity to convert by reaching customers on mobile via SMS and push notifications.

Broaden your reach with Google Ads

Capture attention with personalized ads and images across the web

dotdigital Retargeting - Google ads image

Google retargeting ads are a great tool to re-engage shoppers after they leave your website. Guarantee conversions but segmenting your audiences based on dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s RFM personas. Identify your big spenders who are about to lapse so you know exactly who and when to retarget.

Our powerful retargeting capabilities also allow you to create lookalike audiences based on RFM segments. This is an easy tactic to help you grow your marketing database while bringing existing customers back.

Power Facebook and Instagram ads with dotdigital data

Create thumb-stopping content to connect with customers on their favorite apps

dotdigital Retargeting - Facebook and instagram image

Tap into your customers favorite social channels to help drive engagement and boost sales revenue. Use contact insights such as shopping and browsing behavior to inform your retargeting ads to deliver relevant and consistent experiences.

By targeting lapsed customers with personalized content on Facebook and Instagram you’ll also be nurturing a stronger connection between them and your brand. Adding social retargeting ads to any re-engagement program is an easy win.

Re-engage contacts using SMS marketing

Connect with customers on the go to drive browsers back online

dotdigital Retargeting - SMS marketing image

Prompt shoppers to come back to your website when they’re offline using a well-timed and personalized text message. By reaching out on a new channel you can reconnect with these subscribers after your emails stop making an impression.

Unique discount codes, limited time competitions, and early sales access are great tactics to drive customers back online. With unprecedented open and read rates guaranteed, SMS marketing is a must-include channel for any omnichannel automation program.

Drive sales using dotdigital push notifications

Remind customers of the other channels in your marketing store

dotdigital Retargeting - push notifications image

If you’re struggling to get customers to convert on your website, it’s time to direct them to your app. A well-timed push notification can be used to welcome new customers, as part of an abandoned cart program, to send order updates, and to win back email non-respondents.

This super-effective tactic delivers your message directly into the palm of the shoppers’ hand. Using data from dotdigital Engagement Cloud in your omnichannel re-engagement programs, you’ll be able to send customers personalized, relevant, and timely push notifications. And, nothing converts better than relevancy.

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