Engagement Cloud for Magento

Fast, powerful, and intuitive. That’s why we’re the platform of choice for over 200 Magento merchants.

Magento Premier Technology Partner

Unlock the power of your data with Engagement Cloud and Magento.

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Why Magento users choose Engagement Cloud

  • Magento’s first Premier Technology partner
  • Magento 2.2.2 pre-loaded with Engagement Cloud
  • Engagement Cloud works with Magento 1.6.1 and above
  • Proven to boost sales and drive up ROI
  • Single sign-on functionality
  • Expert support from our Magento masters
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Magento users love Engagement Cloud

You’re in a results-driven business. Good news, so are we.


in revenue

"Engagement Cloud's easy-to-use software and Magento integration allowed us to deliver an attractive uplift in email revenue."

Charlotte Cookson,
Email Marketing Executive


of sales from email

"Engagement Cloud has transformed our ability to engage with our customers. Now we can directly track around half of our sales to email activity."

Mark Lippmann,
Co-founder and Managing Partner


to use

"Engagement Cloud’s use and ease-of-integration, is in complete alignment with Magento’s strategy to make eCommerce as easy as possible for retailers."

Mark Lavelle,
Chief Executive Officer

The leading marketing provider in the Magento ecosystem

Simple to set up, easy to use, quick to start delivering results

Award-winning Magento Premier Technology Partner

Engagement Cloud’s use and ease-of-integration is in complete alignment with Magento’s strategy to make ecommerce as easy as possible for retailers.

Magento Marketplace
Mark Lavelle,
CEO, Magento Commerce

Rated highly worldwide by 100s of Magento merchants

Enterprise-grade platform

Create personalized engagement campaigns that exceed customer expectations

Trigger messages that delight

Create omnichannel journeys

Connect all of your data to boost ROI

Increase customer lifetime value

Solutions for all sectors

Engagement Cloud enables marketers of every vertical to delight their customers


Employ marketing tactics to keep you on trend and your customers happy.


Connect every step of your customer’s journey to optimize the retail experience.


We help jewelers spread the gift of sparkle. 

Sports & Leisure

Helping sports brands drive community engagement and inspire healthy living.


Lifecycle marketing that personalizes every experience.


Nurture your prospects into customers, and then into advocates.

Real Estate

Inspire every next move with invaluable, data-driven content. 


Empowering you to transmit essential information, fast.

Travel & Transport

Get your audiences moving distances with relevant messaging.  

Finance & Legal

We've got your need-to-know communications in the bag. 


Extend the guest experience before and after their stay. 

Consumer Goods

Deliver fast-moving messages that spur purchasing intent.

Empowering Magento merchants

Navigate your ecommerce growth with smart data-driven tools


Sync your customer, order, and product data.


Build rich profiles to understand customers. 


Talk to customers on all the channels they use.


Deliver a better customer experience to increase ROI.


Increase lifetime value with post-purchase campaigns.

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