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the modern and adaptable CRM platform.

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Unlock the power of your data with Engagement Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Why Dynamics users choose Engagement Cloud

  • Single sign-on and single send functionality
  • 24/5 technical support from MS Dynamics experts
  • Dedicated connector development
  • Data-capture forms, contact scoring and automated reports
  • Multichannel automation such as SMS and targeted ads
  • Powerful workflows that optimize business performance
Virgin Active
Liverpool John Moores University
Chron's & Colitis UK
Help for Heroes
City & Guilds
Royal College of Physicians

Hear from the businesses driving performance

Enriching customer relationships and yielding lifelong loyalty



"Engagement Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has slashed the time it takes our team to create and send emails, dramatically." Ben Henson, Head of Capability.



Engagement Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the perfect solution for The Royal College. We now capture interests with a preference center and use this insight to send members relevant content.


in email metrics

Engagement Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365: an exceptional level of personalization and more intelligent targeting led to a 400% increase in click-through rates for this financial media group.

Solutions for all sectors

Engagement Cloud enables marketers of every vertical to delight their customers

Higher education

Empower academics to achieve great things at university and beyond 


Create programs that drive donations and rally community support


Whatever your mission, we’ve got your member engagement in the bag


Use Engagement Cloud to send communications that matter

Media & Publishing

Build smart automations to promote your digital or printing services


Lifecycle campaigns that catch job-seekers at the right moment

Real Estate

Inspire every next move with invaluable, data-driven content. 


Empowering you to transmit essential information, fast. 

Finance & Legal

Communicate need-to-know information at the right time. 

Travel & Transport

Business travels. Empower your customers to grow globally. 


Delight business delegates before, during, and after their stay. 


We've got the marketing tools, you've got the business merch. 

Lead nurturing for lifelong customers

Engagement Cloud is a robust solution to navigate your business growth

Eliminate your data silos and act on insight

Understand customer behavior

Nurture leads with lifecycle marketing

Track and report performance

Empowering business transformation

Enhance the customer journey with intelligent data-driven tools


Combine all of your data touchpoints in one place.


Create a SCV to deliver the right message, every time.


Interact with leads across all of your channels.


Use insight to convert faster and maximize ROI.


Delight customers with loyalty programs.

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