10 email programs proven to increase revenue

Use marketing automation to create personalized experiences that convert.

What if you could re-create that personal touch your customers experience in their favorite store–but online?

That personal experience where you know shoppers’ names, their shopping needs, and can make suggestions based on what they’ve bought in the past? Well, if you had just a handful of customers, then that would be pretty easy.

But you don’t. You have thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Each of them generating multiple activities, at different times of the day, all saved in your ecommerce store but impossible to track and respond to manually.

We understand just how vitally important marketing automation is. What a beneficial difference it can make to your profits. Using our powerful marketing automation tools, you can engage with as many customers as you want, all on a one-to-one level.

We’ve evaluated 10 email programs we know will deliver a healthy return on investment.

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