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5 ways to make your customers happier

Dotdigital | 5 ways to make your customers happy - Infographic

The difference between satisfaction and delight lies with the customer’s experience of a particular interaction or transaction.

Satisfying customers is key – but it’s a minimum standard. Delighting customers and providing extraordinary experiences are what you should be aiming for. You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

The 5 ways to make your customers happier uncovers:

  • the three things you need to align to create personalized content
  • the key to surfacing more relevant product recommendations
  • how to make your contextual messaging impactful and actionable
  • which channels offer the best experience for your customers

Grab your quick-fire infographic for 5 ways to make customers happy. Inside you’ll find out how to connect with customers meaningfully, through experiences that please.


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