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6 steps to ecommerce marketing success

Taking your business online has never been more important; because consumers now expect to buy anything, anywhere. For merchants and marketers, making the experience seamless and hassle-free should be top on the agenda.

As online continues to sow new opportunities, now’s the time to perfect your ecommerce marketing. This back-to-basics cheatsheet will help you drive ecommerce success in six easy steps.

Renew tried-and-tested tactics that will turbocharge your ecommerce marketing:

  • Know what to aim for: understand your ecommerce KPIs
  • Know who to target: identify your customer personas
  • Mcommerce: make browsing on mobile easy as pie
  • Stir your audiences: engage with content and social
  • Relevancy and context: get on top of your automation triggers
  • Loyalty program: reward customers for their custom
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