Building your email lists

Our 15 top tactics to capture more email addresses and keep your database healthy

Business growth depends on database growth

We understand as well as anyone just how important strong marketing mailing lists are to the success of campaigns, and how this can feed business growth. So, we’re sharing our expertise and experience to help you develop your mailing lists with healthy data.

It’s vital to remember that growing your list is only half of the battle, as our recent benchmark report data shows that mailing list unsubscribes have risen by 7.6%. While some contact shedding is essential to prune a healthy database, list attrition can eat up more than a quarter of your mailing list so you need to keep filling the bucket faster than it’s leaking if you want to grow.

To capture more email addresses and fight list attrition, we have prepared 15 tried and tested tactics that you can action today to begin plugging the holes in your database.

Check out our cheatsheet to learn how to:

  • Build strong mailing lists of healthy data
  • Reduce database depletion
  • Grow your business with email marketing
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