Hitting the Mark 2020: Key findings

Exclusive sneak peek on key insights

Hitting the Mark is back and packed full of more insight than ever before.

For a long time, we’ve been hearing about the shift in marketing to focus on improving the customer experience, but how close are we to making this dream become a reality?

Analyzing 100 brands across the globe, we want to offer ecommerce marketers a deeper understanding of the trends and changes expected to shake up the industry.

In this infographic you will get a sneak peek at the key findings of our global ecommerce report: Hitting the Mark 2020.

Download this infographic and you’ll discover:

  • What tactics are set to become the industry standard for ecommerce marketers.
  • Whether you’re ahead of the curve or falling behind the competition with your best practice adoption.
  • The channels and tools you need to deliver the perfect customer experience.
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