Marketing guide

How to nail real-time marketing messages

Deliver relevant and personalized content that drives action and increases revenue

It’s increasingly challenging to cut through the noise of irrelevant marketing content and effectively reach customers with personalized, timely messages that inspire action, boost loyalty, and generate revenue. Moment-based marketing tactics allow you to connect with your audience when they’re most engaged, and creates impact with your customers through timely, relevant interactions with your brand.

A moment-based marketing strategy that incorporates real-time data and focuses on mobile-ready communication channels like SMS messaging, WhatsApp, push notifications, and website personalization is crucial.

By choosing the right channels and delivering personalized content during moments that matter, marketers can effectively engage customers, drive action, and enhance revenue-driving customer relationships.

Our moment-based marketing cheatsheet will help you:

  • Choose the right marketing channels to reach your customers
  • Create a customer journey map to identify key touchpoints
  • Get started with examples of effective real-time, cross-channel marketing messages


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