The state of customer engagement 2020

How can marketers better engage customers?

At Dotdigital, we try to help marketers improve their customer experience and engagement. That’s why we commissioned a report by London Research to gather insights into how brands engage with customers.

The findings revealed that data is the key to unlocking a more personalized and less disruptive customer experience. While the tools and technology available to deliver a personalized customer journey are available to marketers—not all brands are using them.

In the report and this companion infographic, trends and insights emerge for marketers, like you, to learn from.

What does the infographic cover?

Discover key, digestible insights form the report:

  • See what channels brands are using for customer engagement
  • Learn what kind of marketing tech brands employ
  • Find how email particularly stands unique across channels for customer retention
  • Discover the positive impact customer engagement has on sales
  • Explore how marketers rank their maturity when it comes to customer engagement

Complete the form to download your own copy of the infographic. Dive in for key insights and takeaways. Then grab the State of customer engagement 2020 report, too.

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