Uncover revenue opportunities in plain sight with eRFM

Dotdigital | Uncover revenue opportunities in plain sight - Ebook

Consumers are marketed to by more brands, more regularly than ever before. Competition is rife. But this comes with advantages. Customers are more willing to try new things and shop around. With more customers browsing virtually, its important brands are able to recognize customers when they’re ready to convert.

Dotdigital’s powerful new eRFM tool helps you identify these key opportunities to target customers with relevant marketing content. eRFM does the hard work for you looking at browsing behavior and purchase history to group your audience based on their level of engagement with your brand.

In this brand-new ebook, you’ll discover the unprecedented power of eRFM audience insights.

Download today and:

  • Understand how eRFM can help you connect with customers at the right time.
  • Unlock revenue opportunities hidden at your fingertips to boost sales.
  • Begin building segments based on engagement levels to deliver relevant, sales-driving content, every time
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