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Reliable support for when you need it most

Working to get the right resolution, fast

24/7 support from real people

We understand that sinking feeling you get when technology isn’t playing ball – especially when you’ve got a deadline looming. That’s why our global support team works hard to put things right when our customers need a helping hand.

Our support team works round the clock to get you back to full momentum, available via phone, email, live chat, or Twitter. From London to New York and Sydney, our brilliant human helpers will do their best to get things resolved quickly, helping you get on with your important tasks.

We also know that some customers want to learn on their own, and with our help center – brimming with thousands of up-to-date articles – they can. This puts our customers in the driving seat to resolve their challenges. But, remember: we’re always there too.

customer satisfaction

98% customer satisfaction

Do it right. Do it once. Do it quickly. We know the importance of making sure we achieve immense levels of accuracy when we help our customers. Our responses are always carefully considered and with a laser focus on making (and keeping) our customers satisfied. We’re experts in using our technology, tuned into customer’s needs, and always provide help with a smile.

Speed is our thing

Our support team prides itself on rapid responses. We don’t like to keep customers waiting, and regularly achieve incredibly quick response times. We’re fully committed to speedy service, which is why we’ve created our global Service Level Agreement, our service pledge to you. Our fast response times are the cornerstone of our success and we keep a close eye on them to make sure they stay first class.

Unbeatable response times

Passionate about speedy solutions

The feedback we get from our customers about our support team is exceptional. The performance metrics achieved are absolutely stunning and I’m so proud of the work they do. Average call answer times are under 20 seconds. Average live chat answer times are under 1 minute. Over 98.5% of email interactions are handled within our service level. The impressive list of metrics goes on. This relentless dedication to brilliant response times is what sets us apart from others marketing solution providers. It’s one of the reasons why customers love our brand of support and why the team always gets such high praise.

Steve Shaw, Group CTO

Meet the team

What award-winning support looks like

meet the team

Meet our support team members: the humans on the other end of chats, phone calls, and emails. We’re super-proud of every single person, and love the diversity and characters in our team. That’s why we insist our team be authentic in their own style of customer care, share their unique (and amazing) personalities with customers, and have a little fun along the way. We forge long-lasting and personal relationships with our customers, talking to them like friends and not robots, because we care.

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