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Email is evolving: How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will affect you

Hear how to prepare for Apple’s proposed iOS 15 update

Dotdigital | Dotlive

Email has always evolved from the introduction of mobile devices; other channels threatening to steal the limelight, Google tabs and GDPR. There is always something new. From Autumn this year email as we know it will evolve once again. With Apple’s iOS 15 update they are hoping to give their customers more control over their privacy. It will remove marketers’ ability to monitor opens which understandably left many businesses asking one question in particular, “What do we do now?!”

There are many things to be made clear about Apple’s update and what it means to you the marketer, but during this webinar, we tackle a few things to try and put your minds at ease:

  • How marketers have moved with the times as email evolved over the years
  • What we know so far
  • How we are preparing for changes and how we’re empowering our customers
  • A Q&A of audience-submitted questions
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