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Dotlive EMEA: How to collect relevant customer data

dotdigital’s latest dotlive is all about learning the importance of collecting the right data for improving your email marketing performance.

Every business sets their email marketing goals to drive real results. To achieve this, you need to deliver relevant content to the right audience.

To create relevant emails, you need to know your customers. Knowing your customers and understanding what drives them allows you to deliver more targeted communications. You’ll become more productive and be able to stay ahead of competitors. But it’s just as important we collect the right customer data using appropriate tactics.

Watch our dotlive, as we dive into the data marketers need to collect data to meet their marketing goals. Some of the topics covered in the dotlive:

  • What is relevant customer data
  • Which tactics are best for collecting customer data
  • How customer data can be used to improve your email marketing performance

Tune in to hear our Partnerships Manager SEA, Matthew McClelland, and Matthäus Bognar, Head of Business Development, Global Enterprise and International for Nosto share their expertise on customer data.

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