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Conquer 2024 with moments-based marketing

Join our Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance experts as we dive into moments-based marketing tactics for 2024 success.

Conquer 2024 with moments-based marketing webinar

In the world of marketing, timing is everything. Marketers have got to strike at the optimum moment with the right message. Otherwise, they risk missing opportunities and a disillusioned audience.

With a strategy that incorporates intelligent timing and dynamic personalization, you’ll create a highly engaged audience and set yourself up for a record-breaking new year.

Watch this webinar with Dotdigital’s Chantelle Knoetze and Fresh Relevance’s Katherine Hunter as they discuss practical advice for moments-based marketing including:

  • Quick tips for channel optimization
  • How to practice intelligent timing
  • Avoiding personalization blunders
  • Real examples of moments-based marketing to inspire your 2024

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