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Dotdive into food & beverage marketing

In this episode of Dotdive we dive into the challenges customers have faced during the pandemic and share helpful tips to overcome them.

Dotdigital | Dotdive into Food & Beverage Marketing

The food and beverage sector has seen a lot of disruption during the pandemic. For this industry we’ve seen everything from pubs and cafes closing and the rise of sales moving online to the uptake in home delivery vs instore shopping and in person dining to minimize contact.

Due to lockdowns, there has been a huge shift in consumer’s behavior in terms of their online vs instore shop, and some of this behavior has remained even as offline purchasing becomes a safe option again.

Beatrice Ellefsen, Head of Customer Success APAC at Dotdigital, Jo Tovee, Senior Customer Success Manager at Dotdigital and Emily Stannard, Senior Customer Success Manager at Dotdigital discuss some of the challenges their customers have faced during this time and share helpful tips that helped them overcome it.

Join them as they Dotdive into:

  • The importance of using segmentation
  • The ease of personalization campaigns & lead generation programs
  • The importance of responsible marketing
  • Why the combination of using eRFM and behavioral data along with automation helps reactivate paused customers
  • Why Multi-Channel Marketing is key
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