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Dotdive into travel marketing

In this episode of Dotdive we dive into post pandemic marketing efforts & optimism in the travel sector.

Dotdigital | Dotdive into Travel Marketing

The global pandemic made a major impact on many industries especially the travel sector. With business travel falling by 74% and a 42% decline in travel spend in the Americas region alone there was a need for a major shift and focus on their online marketing strategies.

Join Sophie Sherley-Dale and Sylvia Zalaquett, two Customer Success Managers at Dotdigital, in this Dotdive as they explore challenges faced by the travel industry and successful tips they used to help our clients to get through this challenging time.

Tune in for tips on:

  • How marketing automation can help clean up inactive users
  • How using dynamic content cuts build and send time by 50%
  • Benefits of using advance personalization
  • How to retarget campaigns using abandon browse
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