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Dotlive: Learning from the 2023 digital marketing benchmarks

Watch our industry experts explore and utilize Dotdigital’s 2023 Global benchmark report in this recorded broadcast.

How do marketers turn data into smart marketing goals? What value do benchmarks provide at a time when consumer behavior is unpredictable? These are just a few of the questions we shared actionable insights to in this exciting Dotlive.

Our goal is to help you go beyond comparing your results to benchmarks. We want you to have the tools you need to beat the competition and deliver real results. You should feel empowered to use your data in new ways after watching this video.

Our digital marketing experts, Dotdigital’s Brianna Martinez, Justuno’s Stephanie Carcamo, and RPE Origin’s Ryan Phelan, shared their expertise on:

  • The importance of data-first marketing
  • Changing customer behaviors
  • How SMS connects, mobilizes, and informs customers
  • Smarter email targeting tactics
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