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Getting your holiday campaigns ready

Countdown to the holidays, time to prepare!

Dotdigital | Dotlive
Do you need some inspiration to kick off the holiday season?


The festive period is approaching quickly and for a lot of us is can be tempting to recycle the same email templates we used last year.

In this dotlive, we dive into some of the key tactics you can use to drive real results this season. Looking at some of the best-designed campaigns from last year, our marketing and deliverability experts from dotdigital and show you how to create engaging campaigns with minimal effort.

Watch this dotlive webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The secret behind successful seasonal email marketing
  • Email design and tactics we loved from last year
  • Top tips to stand out in a cluttered holiday inbox
  • How to deliver experiences that drive loyalty to customers

Learn now and get started ASAP!

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