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Insights as dynamic as your customer: New feature training

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Dotdigital | Insights as dynamic as your customer New feature training

Join us to hear how Dotdigital can help you make better decisions every day. To move the needle you need to be as dynamic as your customer. The secret? Data. We’re not talking about benchmarks here, we’re talking about your data. You’ve already got it, we’re just helping you uncover it.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Segment analytics to uncover deeper insights about your target customer, and achieve an optimal fit between your audience and your content, for better-than-ever campaign performance.
  • Harness the power of Program analytics, a whole new way to look at program performance. With it, you’ll never second-guess what aspect of your automation program needs a tweak.
  • Put excellence into the expected. Two-way communications and timely, relevant transactional messages are key to delivering better end-to-end customer experiences. We’ve made updates to live chat and our transactional email API that we think you’ll like.

And so much more. See you there!

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