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Dotconnect: How to nail your customer retention strategy and create loyal customers

Shopify and Eastside Co. join us to explore how to give your customers a reason to keep coming back

A lot of work has gone into the conversion-driving part of the customer journey, but what happens to them after that? Post-purchase, or post-conversion depending on your industry, is an often-overlooked stage of the customer journey.

But, as a result, they’re also at a pivotal stage of the customer journey. Having just converted, you need to give customers a reason to keep coming back. Weaving in your brand story, showcasing product recommendations, or driving new clients to free learning resources will keep them engaged for longer.

Every interaction you have with a customer will influence their decision to come back to you in the future. It’s time to turn our attention to these hidden moments and build upon them.

In this webinar hear from Dotdigital and special guests Eastside Co and Shopify as they share best practice techniques and some tips on boosting retention rates equating to more loyal customers you can rely on for repeat purchases.

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