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Dotlive Americas: Quick wins to personalizing your emails

Dotdigital’s latest dotlive is all about learning the importance of relevancy when it comes to customer data.

Would you believe that only 20% of brands are using personalization tactics in their email marketing!

As marketers, we know the importance of personalization in email marketing. It drives opens, improves click-through rates, and generates more revenue than basic promotional emails. Still, we always manage to find a reason to justify our lack of personalization in campaigns.

Watch our Dotlive, as we show you how to personalize your email marketing. Starting with the basics, we’ll explore the personalization tactics you can adopt to elevate your email marketing.

We’ll cover:

  • Quick steps for personalizing every email
  • How to collect specific data to influence your strategy
  • Tactics for delivering personalization at scale that drive real results
  • Examples of fully personalized campaigns

Learn now and implement straight away.

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