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Dotdive into segmentation

Dive into the our top 4 recommended segmentations

Dotdigital | Dotdive into segmentation

Customer experience hinges on good segmentation

Segmentation is a key when it comes to successful customer engagement. Sending tailored communications instead of batch-and-blast messages will resonate much more with your audiences, driving more frequent orders and longer-lasting loyalty.

Remember, your email marketing strategy should be thought of as a conversation with your contacts. Make it personal! Segmentation is an easy way to do just that. And it will boost the bottom line. Afterall, marketers who use segmentation experience a 7x increase in revenue (DMA).

What will I learn?

In this episode of Dotdive, Gavin Laugenie breaks down the top 4 recommended segmentations to get started with. Plus, he answers the best tactics to maximizing your engagement across all your segment groups.

Listen now for tips on:

  • Defining your target customer and personas
  • Identifying key segmentation criteria
  • Using recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) to segment
  • Integrating your data into a marketing automation platform
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