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The future of events marketing: who will blink first

Big changes to events are coming – are you ahead of the curve?

Dotdigital | The future of events marketing: who will blink first

The event landscape changed dramatically in 2020. It felt like overnight we were shifting gears, canceling or postponing live events, or turning them into brand-new virtual experiences.

Now, over a year later, event organizers and marketers are still operating in uncertainty. National and local rules can change at the drop of a hat. Event organizers, speakers, and attendees need to be kept up to date with all the latest news and changes.

And still, marketers are left scratching their heads and wondering: will in person events come back or will they remain virtual for the foreseeable future?

Email marketing and marketing automation are essential for engaging with audiences and in your event. In this webinar, our event and marketing experts discuss how events have changed and top tactics you should be implementing when you’re hosting live and virtual events.

We discuss:

  • What has changed in the events industry?
  • Which channels you should be using
  • The event expectations and experiences

This webinar was hosted by dotdigital’s Head of Marketing Frank Brooks.

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