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The Importance of Personalization

Connect with your customers using Personalization.

Personalization is a key part of the customer experience. With intelligent use of data you can create relevant and unique experiences that hold the attention of your customer for longer. We are now moving towards an era of experiential ecommerce where your customers experiences need to be both personalized and contextually relevant to have any lasting effect. There needs to be the ability to browse and learn, gain a personalized shopping experience, and find informative, inspirational and entertaining content.

Hear from one of the leading technology organizations in the personalization space and learn just how much impact a strong personalization strategy can have on your business. You will also gain some insight into the ever changing world of experiential ecommerce

During the webinar, they discuss:

  • e-commerce market shifts in 2019
  • Successful personalization strategies
  • Personalization trends and what’s to come
  • Avoiding the creepiness factor
  • Choosing the right personalization partners
  • Black Friday top tips
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