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November update: What’s new in Dotdigital

Watch our platform experts as they demonstrate Dotdigital’s newest features

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2022 has been a tough year on the global economy, and unfortunately the beatings it’s faced have begun to show in the form of a cost of living crisis with soaring energy bills, food costing more than ever before and the threat of a global conflict seemingly minutes away.

All of these challenges the world is facing brings us swiftly to Dotdigital’s latest release, with a very apt theme: helping you to navigate the ever growing threat of the 2023 global recession with marketing strategies that’ll help you drive customer engagement.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Accurately track when and where your customers are engaging with your content with Multi touch attribution, meaning you can better direct your marketing budgets to where it’ll hit home.
  • Bring more customers into your marketing campaigns through the Facebook Leads Ad sync meaning you can target potential customers from Facebook in your marketing campaigns.
  • Create highly personalized and eye-catching content in your store front with the Shopify Hydrogen Headless CMS.

And so much more.

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