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Webinar: 5 ways AI can help you win big this holiday season

Harness the magic of AI this festive season (and beyond) to create personalized experiences guaranteed to engage.

The build up to the Christmas and holiday season is an incredibly busy time for marketers, and critical automations are often sidelined as we focus on a ramped up calendar of seasonal activations. But this needn’t be the case with the growing availability of marketing focused AI tools.

Our on-demand webinar can teach you how AI-powered customer insights, such as predictive analytics, coupled with AI email and SMS copywriting tools like WinstonAI, can help you quickly identify opportunities and craft effective holiday marketing messages in seconds. We also discuss ways to apply Machine Learning to campaign scheduling, such as data-led send-time optimization, to ensure you’re in your customers’ inboxes when they’re most engaged.

Watch now to learn how to:

  • Create more engaging holiday marketing campaigns
  • Save time copywriting with AI tools
  • Deliver more valuable, personalized experiences using AI
  • Give your deliverability an AI boost
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